WE are every participant with unrecognized skills

For teams, there are medals, banners, and trophies which commemorate the hard work, time, and dedication put into their work. For individuals, we pioneered The Badge Program to celebrate individual achievements and show proof for acquired skills to post-secondary and workplace institutions.

During our students’ time in FIRST, we saw that most of their obtained skills left no credible evidence for post secondary or workplace institutions to view. To fill this gap, we created a medium for participants to showcase their knowledge and ability after their time in the program. By pioneering the Badge Program, we created a universal symbol to allow the representation of skills for every individual, inspiring them to continual growth.

After seeing the potential of this, we proposed the idea to FIRST Canada, where it was adopted and continues to grow as the FIRST Badge Program. This was successfully first piloted at the 2015 FIRST LEGO LEAGUE Ontario East and West Provincials.



Students attain badges as they complete each year/skill level in their FIRST journey. FIRST LEGO LEAGUE JR. or FIRST LEGO LEAGUE badges are attained based on the number of years in the program. FTC/FRC badges are attained through skill based testing and certification. Students need to be enrolled into one of the FIRST Programs and fulfil the criteria under each of the FIRST programs. Based on demand, bilingual French and English Mentor Badges were rolled out in 2016 along with Safety Badges. In 2017, FIRST provided recognition for EDI (Equity, Diversity and Inclusivity) through badges to encourage the cultivation of an inclusive environments within the FIRST program. Through testing to obtain badges and record-keeping for the students progression through the program on a database, FIRST is now able to see the growth of their participants while also providing tangible evidence for their recognized skills.


Our belief is that the FIRST Badge Program can profoundly influence the growth and impact of FIRST in post-secondary institutions as well as Industries and Corporations and how FIRST will be perceived in the next 10-20 years.




2014     -      Piloted the FIRST LEGO LEAGUE BADGES at Ontario Provincials

2015     -      Roll-Out of the FIRST LEGO LEAGUE BADGES at the Qualifying Regional Tournaments and Provincials

2015     -      Roll-Out of the FIRST LEGO LEAGUE Jr. BADGES for all teams

2015     -      Piloted the FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) SAFETY BADGES at the Ontario Regional Tournaments

2016     -      Roll out of FIRST Robotics Competition (FRC) SAFETY BADGES Canada wide.

2016     -      Roll Out of the FIRST LEGO LEAGUE MENTOR BADGES Canada Wide

2016     -      Roll Out of the FIRST LEGO LEAGUE JR. MENTOR BADGES Canada Wide

2016     -      Roll Out of the FIRST ROBOTICS COMPETITION (FRC) MENTOR BADGES Canada Wide.

2016     -      Roll Out of the Badges in French for Quebec Teams

2017     -      Roll Out of the EQUITY, DIVERSITY, INCLUSIVITY BADGES Canada Wide.

Our Goals:

  • FIRST Team 1241: THEORY6 is always looking for ways to generate a desire where the new culture aspires to be better.

  • The idea of creating a desire where new culture aspires to be better through levels of certifications and skills set can help us address the areas of improvement we face in the current situation for the FIRST world.

  • Through this program, we are also striving to enable companies and industries to recognize FIRST certifications

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