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In our early days, we saw a lack of accessible robotics programs in our city. Determined to make a change, our team launched the Library Program, with a focus on empowering youth and emphasizing its benefits for student learning. Teaming up with the Central Library of Mississauga in 2012, we created an engaging curriculum for kids aged 5-14, encouraging hands-on exploration of Science, Technology, and Engineering. Here, students learn the basics of mechanics, control systems, and design, while also developing crucial skills like communication, teamwork, and leadership. With the program now in 12 libraries across Ontario, we've positively impacted over 2,500 young learners, preparing them to thrive in the ever-evolving world of technology.


GiSO is an annual event crafted by our team for high school girls+ eager to explore their interests and uncover opportunities in STEM. We provide a platform for youth to connect with like-minded peers from across Canada who share a passion for STEM, while also facilitating engagement with professionals from industry and post-secondary institutions. GiSO comprises three main components: workshops, the Innovation Fair, and the Women in STEM Panel. Our workshops empower girls+ to learn, engage in hands-on activities, and collaborate in team-based challenges centered around STEM subjects. The Innovation Fair offers them a chance to explore new post-secondary opportunities. Additionally, the Women in STEM Panel features accomplished women from diverse STEM fields, sharing their experiences and insights on industry dynamics and gender representation. It's a vibrant gathering that inspires and empowers young women to pursue their passions in STEM, brought to life by us and our dedicated team.


The Rick Hansen Robotics Program was developed  to maximize the growth of its students. We started Team 1285: The Biggest Birds to double leadership opportunities and enhance student experiences. With robotics playing such a big impact, the lead mentors/teachers along with students, worked with the Peel District School Board to develop a Robotics and Controls System course that introduces FIRST Tech Challenge to students. The program introduces students at (word for like income bracket) any experience level to the world of FIRST, and  what it  has to offer. Helping in the development  of their STEAM and interpersonal skills. The FTC Course often becomes a feeder course into the FRC teams at Rick Hansen. Rick Hansen also offers manufacture as a Specialist High Skills Majors (SHSM) program. This provides students with a strong foundation for a wide variety of careers in the manufacturing sector. 




As of the first Canadian 'Super Hub,' we're dedicated to supporting every FIRST team in our region. We assist by providing  practical resources like facilities, machining, assembly, and mentorship. Over the past six years, our outreach has extended locally and globally, assisting teams from places like Mexico and Singapore. 

In 2017, we expanded the program globally withThe Compass Alliance, rebranding as "FIRST Help Hubs," reaching seven countries and establishing 20 hubs within two months. We focus on inclusivity, ensuring teams, regardless of location, have access to tools and guidance for success.

Beyond physical resources, we share our knowledge through robot and business playbooks, offering insights for effective competition preparation. We also train specialized student and mentor groups to troubleshoot and assist teams during competitions. 


We introduced the New to Country Program (NTC) to aid newcomers in seamlessly integrating into Canadian society. NTC is built on three core pillars: peer-to-peer volunteering, informing families, and forging workshop partnerships, all aimed at sparking interest in STEM fields.

Our Peer to Peer Volunteer Program connects newcomer students with experienced team members, allowing them to shadow during outreach events like the FLL and VEX Tournaments held at our school. This initiative aims to foster friendships, improve peer relationships, and break down barriers for new immigrants.

In partnership with the Welcome Centre of Peel Settlement Workers, we've developed informative handbooks explaining the FIRST Robotics Program and our team structure. Available in Arabic and Mandarin, these handbooks help bridge cultural understanding and provide essential information about our program and school system.

What began as a single Robotics Day has evolved into a comprehensive initiative, including a week-long winter camp and two sets of 10-week workshops at Polycultural. These free workshops offer youth aged 5-14 the chance to learn to build and program LEGO robots, accelerating their individual growth. Partnering once again with Peel Settlement Workers for translations, our workshops expanded further with five FRC teams (771, 1285, 4001, 4939, 6070) joining us to run 20 week-long workshops across Ontario. This collaborative effort introduces newcomers to STEM in a fun and engaging way, pioneering innovative approaches to their integration.

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