WE are every student not reaching their full potential

Every year, we would get an overwhelming amount of interest within our school for students to sign up to be part of Team 1241: THEORY6. We always aimed to harness every student's interest but saw that with a team so large, it was harder for everyone to obtain leadership roles and maximize their potential. We started Team 1285: The Big Bang to double leadership opportunities and enhance student experiences.

We have established a successful and sustainable joint-team Program within our school. With the creation of FRC Team 1285: The Big Bang within our school, we have been able to cater to the demand for robotics at our school. This second team paved the way for our Rick Hansen Robotics Program to be recognized on an international level. This isn't simply because we are able to sustain two FRC teams within one school or because of the type of individuals who grow from this program. The program we run has become widely recognized because the system and partnership we have created between the teams is one unlike any other. We operate under a junior and senior team structure that helps increase our overall sustainability. The two team dynamic enhances our students’ experiences while encouraging them to continue with FIRST by returning to mentor. By accelerating students’ growth, we are helping them reach their fullest potential in order to become role models in our communities.