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Team 1241: THEORY 6 is dedicated to impacting the next generation in all STEAM related aspects. Being one of the only schools in the Peel Region to offer a robotics course to high school students, we use FTC to introduce students to FIRST Robotics and a variety of skills like design, manufacturing, assembly, programming and strategy. They are able to further explore their interests through the Specialist High Skills Major we offer or by joining one of two FRC teams run by Rick Hansen. Through our National library program we are able to introduce young children all around Ontario and Canada to robotics by partnering with local libraries. Having worked with over 2500 children through our library program, THEORY 6 has spent the last decade ensuring we are continuing to inspire the innovators of tomorrow. 
As a team we are dedicated to promoting gender equity throughout our team, community and FIRST. Since 2017 we have impacted 300+ Girls+ through our Girls In STEM Olympics Event. We also dedicate one off-season event each year as a girls only event to foster a safe space for girls from our and other teams to explore new roles or FIRST robotics for the first time. In order to spread the core FIRST value of cooperation, each season we invite teams into our machine shop and work space to aid them in the manufacturing of their robot. We also support teams in the assembly of their and offer mentor support to teams in other aspects of FRC. 


We started a second FRC Team within our school - Team 1285 in order to double leadership opportunities. We run a unique junior/senior student and mentor system ​between the teams.

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National Library Program

Providing children aged 5-12 with free and accessible robotics workshops in libraries around our province, expanding this impact to other provinces in the near future.


Super Hub Program

One of three Hubs in Ontario providing teams with in-house and online support to reach their goals and build competitive robots while enhancing team experiences.  


Gender Equity

We recognize the gender bias in our society. By providing females with opportunities to develop their skills, we're showcasing that ability is learned and not gender dependent. 

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